Michele Nastasi is a photographer of architecture and cities. His pictures have been published in journals, magazines and books, and exhibited at the Biennale di Venezia and in other personal and collective exhibitions in Italy and the USA, among which Suspended City. L’Aquila after the Earthquake of 2009. Photographs by Michele Nastasi, Wolk Gallery, MIT, Boston 2013. Since 2008 he started working on a research on the use of spectacular architecture in the transformation of global cities. These photographs show the buildings in relation with the urban contexts and emphasize the role of photography in the construction of the imaginary of contemporary cities. Part of this research has been published on the book: Starchitecture. Scenes, Actors and Spectacles in Contemporary Cities (Allemandi, Turin 2011) that he co-authored with Davide Ponzini. From 2007 he is part of the editorial staff of the magazine Lotus international, for which he has curated several publications. He has taught Architectural Photography at the School of Architecture and Society at the Politecnico di Milano, and he is studying for a doctorate in History of Arts at the Ca'Foscari in Venice.